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the marissa & margo team


the marissa & margo team



There is so much information regarding the reasons people who own a current home choose to refinance. Is this the right financial move, and why would I do this? Will this financially benefit our household for immediate needs and our future needs? Learn the reasons refinancing could be right for you.

Interest rates are a common consideration. Would it be beneficial if I can drop a whole point? It honestly depends on your current loan balance and truly how much money refinancing will save monthly vs the true closing costs it takes to convert a mortgage into a reduced interest rate. Most of the time we can determine if it looks like a possibility or a good choice through a conversation together.

Cashing out your home’s equity for debt consolidation or home improvements is another option. After paying down your principal balance in combination with any increases in value over the years, you will build equity. We have personally seen many clients save hundreds and even thousands of dollars monthly by refinancing to pay off credit card debt, installment debt, auto loans, student loans, etc. People typically choose to cash out to pay off excessive monthly obligations that make them feel strapped and/or for home improvements.

Reduce the term on your mortgage and doubled up with a reduction in interest rate. Personally, one of our favorite things and reasons people refinance. Most of us when purchasing a home choose a 30-year term. It is normal, everyone does it. We have now seen people realistically afford 20- and 15-year mortgages like never before! Can you imagine owning your house free and clear!!! No more mortgage, no more debt!!

Removal of mortgage insurance is an amazing thing!!! There are plenty of families that initially walk into a mortgage that requires mortgage insurance, and sometimes, depending on the loan, that can be permanently attached. If your situation has improved from a credit standpoint, and/or you have built up equity in your home, we can look at possibilities with you. Homeowners can sometimes save hundreds of dollars by mortgage insurance removal!

We have learned over the years that every one of you is uniquely different and there is no right or wrong. The needs you have today could very easily be needs that become extraordinarily different five years from now. Life changes and so do your financial needs!!! We are here for you and always want to be! If you think a refinance is possibly in the playing cards for you, call us! We will be happy to discuss your desires and work from there on how we can plug in and make it work for you, for true benefits!!!!



Are you thinking about buying a home? Is this your primary residence, fun new second home, or even a potential investment property? We have perfect loan options for all of that and can help you achieve this! Learn more about buying a home.

One of the largest things to consider is understanding your loan options. There is a big world out there with plenty of banks wanting to give you money to help you achieve your dreams. However, truly understanding the market is what makes you the most successful in a transaction. We can be as bold as offering 100% financing through some great avenues as well as letting you be so bold as having a super large down payment. No right or wrong in this. What do you see fit for your financial needs in buying a home? We simply want to educate each of you on the pieces of the puzzle you bring to the equation. It is our job to pull those pieces together and find the perfect mortgage opportunity for you and your family. Credit fears? Absolutely not in our world. It may not be possible to approve every score, but we promise that if you have the desire to buy, then we are going to give you the specific guidance that you need and work to get across the finish line for your family.

Within our website we hope you see a wide variety of loan product descriptions that give you an idea that we can cover most all needs. If for some reason we don't have what is right for you, we pride ourselves in having the best referral partners to help you move in the right direction. We know and understand we can't do it all, even though sometimes we wish we could. However, if we can point you in the right direction, we know we have done the right service for your family! We look forward to hearing from you and discussing one of the greatest things you could possibly ever finance in your life! Your family's home!!!!



We are Marissa French & Margo Krogulski, licensed mortgage loan originators at Peoples Home Equity in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since 2001, we’ve specialized in purchase loans for individuals who are first-time buyers, refinancing, relocating, investing, or just in need of a change.

Our #1 goal is to educate all of our clients and always be there for them, which in turn, helps them make informed mortgage decisions now and in the future. We look forward to working with you and your unique buying needs!

Marissa and Margo's Culture

We started the business based on a culture of friendship and working together. Our entire team is a direct extension of this approach. When you choose us, you become a friend that we want to help in any way that we can. We walk into the office every day looking forward to how we can help someone buy their future home and accomplish their goals.

We are up to going the extra mile when challenges arise because that’s what friends do. In the end, we want the process to be an amazing experience because where you live matters, and how you get there is important too.